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Hiểu rõ về âm câm trong Tiếng Anh – Silent letters


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Âm câm là gì? What is a silent letter?

Silent letters là những âm sẽ không được phát âm trong từ chứa silent letters, nếu chúng ta phát âm nó, thì sẽ sai hoàn toàn về cách phát âm. Mặc dù có nguyên tắc, nhưng tốt nhất chỉ cần nhớ và học theo phản xạ luôn là tốt nhất.

Danh sách các âm câm phổ biến và cách đọc
silent “a” basically – dramatically – logically – specifically – typically
silent “au”restaurant
silent “b”bomb – climb – comb – debt – doubt – dumb – lamb – limb – numb – plumb – subtle – thumb – womb
silent “c”muscle – kick
silent “d”handsome  – Wednesday
silent “t”watch
silent “g”align – assign – foreign – sign
silent “gh”bought – bright – caught – eight – flight – fought – height – high – light – night – ought – right – sigh – sight – slight – straight – taught – though – tight – weigh
silent “h”exhibition – heir – honest – honor – hour – vehicle
silent “i”business
silent “k”knee – knife – knit – knock – know – knowledge
silent “l”almond – calm – could – half – should – stalk – talk – walk – would
silent “n”autumn – column – damn
silent “o”chocolate – people
silent “s”aisle – island
silent “t”castle – listen – whistle
silent “u”antique – cheque- guard – guitar – guest
silent “w”acknowledge – answer – sword – who – whole – wrinkle – wrist – write
Các âm câm phổ biến hay gặp trong tiếng anh . Soạn bởi English ms Ly.

Thực hành nghe và đọc âm câm trong tiếng anh.

Exercise 1: Gạch chân từ chứa ‘silent letters’. (Day 17 – Track 2)

Noises In The Night

It was about two o´clock in the morning, and suddenly I woke up. I heard a noise. I got out of bed and went slowly downstairs. There was a light on in the living room. I listened carefully. I could hear two men speaking very quietly. “Burglars!” I thought. Immediately, I ran back upstairs and phoned the police. I was really frightened. Fortunately, the police arrived quickly. They opened the front door and went into the living room. Then, they came upstairs to see me. “It’s all right now, sir,” they explained. “We turned the television off for you!”

Exercise 2: Thực hành bài đọc dưới đây, chú ý các từ chứ âm câm.

My generation is so different to my parents’. I mean, they’re always telling me that they grew up in a world without mobiles and social networking and they managed fine. Hard to imagine how they arranged to meet their friends without a phone … but they say they did! Uh … I had so many arguments with them while I was growing up, until they let me have my first smartphone. But they didn’t let me have Snapchat or Instagram or anything like that! ‘It’s not the end of the world,’ they’d say! They just didn’t understand that that’s the way people my age communicate with each other. Nobody actually talks on the phone any more. They have no idea how much I missed out on at school being the only one who didn’t have Snapchat. Also, at school we had loads of talks and stuff on how to stay safe online and most of us knew that anything you post online was going to be there forever.

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